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Updated: 19th January 2014

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Amiga 1200

This page will document my Amiga 1200 computers.

Amiga 1200 Tower

I did have an A1200 set up in a tower, along with a Mediator. I never really used this much, as it was rather unreliable (typical Amiga :D). I don't have this machine set up at the moment, but I'll leave the details of it below, along with photographs.


  • Power Tower

  • Blizzard 1230-MkIV - 50MHz 68030

  • 128MB Fast RAM

  • Mediator 1200 LT4

  • VooDoo 3000 Graphics card

  • PCI Sound Card (Still trying to get this to work)

  • PCI Network Card

  • PC keyboard adaptor - This enables the use of an AT or PS/2 keyboard. On a 'Windows' keyboard, the 'Windows' keys act as the Left and Right 'Amiga' keys. If you don't have a 'Windows' keyboard, you may be stuck without an 'Amiga key.

  • Clockport based ECP parallel port - I haven't set this up yet as all the printing I do from the Amiga is currently just text on a 9 pin printer. But I expect this will come in handy if two parallel devices were to be used, or if a faster printer was desired.

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