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Sheffield Freedom Protest

Coronavirus: Exemptions from wearing 'face coverings'

More Anti-Lockdown Protests

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Sheffield Anti-Lockdown Protests - October & November 2020

October 2020

October saw more protests in Sheffield. On one Saturday, there were two separate protests; the one I attended on Pinstone Street, and another one in Barkers Pool.

The following Wednesday there was another protest featuring Piers Corbyn and Geza "Frackman" Tarjanyi.

I took my video camera to both events and gathered a few people's opinions and experiences. Watch the 10 minute video on YouTube:

Direct link to YouTube:

Lord Brexit on Policing

There has been varied police presence at these events. On some occasions there were no police. On other occasions they really didn't want us there. In this video, the police try to extract the name of the 'organiser', and protester Lord Brexit gives his opinion on the police and the coronavirus lockdown.

Direct link to YouTube:

November 2020

November saw the introduction of the country's second 'lockdown', with many 'non-essential' shops closed, and people forbidden from meeting more than one person outside.

This weekend we had a very good turnout, with several speakers and music. Part 1 features speeches by Chris and Don, as well as music. In Part 2, young gentleman Hudson sings to the crowd, Steve gives a speech on masks and social distancing and Evie gives a speech about her opinion on the coronavirus situation.

Part 1:

Direct link to YouTube:

Part 2:

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