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Coronavirus: Exemptions from wearing 'face coverings'

Anti-Lockdown Protests

Sheffield Freedom Protest - September 2020

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Lockdown Thoughts - January & February 2021

"This is the longest 4 week circuit breaker I've ever had in my entire life!"

I went out throughout January and February with the video cameras to gather people's opinions on the lockdowns. We were supposed to have January cancelled as punishment for having an un-locked Christmas, but late in February, the lockdown continues. Non essential shops didn't reopen until April, and masks etc didn't end until July.

The end of the lockdown was due to be in June, conveniently around the time of Boris Johnson's birthday, but despite this, he managed to extend it to July.

"Its good to live"

I speak to several people in this video about their opinions on the lockdown and whether they think it will definitely come to an end.

"I do believe that masks will be coming back into fashion after the summer." - Banaman. He was right!

"I think Boris' birthday is in May, he's timed it well." - Banaman. Not quite right on that one though.

"There's more people dying of food poisoning than any virus. So what are we going to do, ban food? The safest way of avoiding harm to the health is lets all kill ourselves." - Jimmy. He makes some good points.

"I personally know two people who have never had mental health problems before, and are now in an absolutely massive crisis. Every person I know, morale is down in the toilet." - Cuthbert.

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Vaccine Passports - April 2021

The government wants to introduce vaccine passports for public events, and chooses the Snooker World Championships at the Crucible Theatre as a pilot.

Some people are opposed to this and hold a demonstration outside, but most of the passers by show very little interest.

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September 2021

By Septemeber, most if not all restrictions had been lifted, and the vaccination roll-out was going well. Not everyone supports the vaccine though and some people are concerned about people being coerced into having it against their wishes, especially when so many people are suffering side effects.

On this day in Sheffield a pro-vaccine man who claims to have worked for NHS Test & Trace clashed with the city centre lockdown protesters. Ironically, he was one of very few people in a rather busy city centre to be wearing a mask. Elsewhere in the city, an entertaining Elton John impersonator harasses members of the public with a piano, while another protest occurs in support of a young refugee called Simba, who has been billed many thousands of pounds for urgent NHS care, which he cannot afford.

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