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The Cathode Ray Tube Fan Club
Beta This site is curently under construction
Updated: 21st July 2009

CRT Fan Club
Welcome the the Cathode Ray Tube Fan Club!
This site is for all people who like CRTs. It is mostly aimed at CRT televisions and monitors, but could be CRTs for any purpose.

This site is currently being constructed and is no where near finished. If you want to join, send me an email and I will add your name to the list of CRT lovers, as well as any details of CRT monitors you have in use (if any). I'll start.

Members and Monitors

Myself (Stephen Coates)
Sony Multiscan E530 (see below)
Microvitec 1438
Philips CM8833 Mk II

Skippy has a Barco CRT projector and a Sony Multiscan 200GS, which is connected to his Amiga 1200  

Errttyy Brett
A Trinitron lover, sent me an email saying he has the following televisions:

Sony Trinitron  KV-M1430E
Sony Flat Trinitron  KV-25FX30E

And is currently looking for a Sony Flat Trinitron Wega 13FS100

Sony Multiscan E530
Update! I managed to fix the convergence problem using Sony's WinDAS software. This was achieved by connecting the monitors TTL serial connection to the computer's RS232 port by means of a MAX232 level converter. I'm still not sure about the popping mentioned belwo (it hasn't done this for ages now), but after switching it on, it does take quite a while for a picture to display (just under a minute). It never took this long when I got it.