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Created: 14th February 2017

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Meadowhall Cycle Lockers

I like using a bicycle to get around. Its my primary form of transport these days. Its quick, cheap, and practical (most of the time). When using a bicycle as your everyday transport, you get the issue of parking. You have to leave your bike somewhere secure while you go to the shops. This could mean carrying large D-locks or cable locks with you. Then when you've parked up, you have to carry your helmet and other 'nickables' (lights, saddle bag, panniers, etc), round the shops. Then on your way back, you have to carry both your shopping AND your locks.

Fortunately, a way round this is to provide 'cycle lockers' for customers. These are small metal sheds, into which you can put your bicycle, helmet, bags, etc, and lock it with a single padlock. Opinion is divided on how secure/useful they are; some people prefer the traditional method of securing a bicycle (as above), but I, like many others, like the lockers, especially if I have lots to carry, such as when shopping.

Meadowhall Centre is a large shopping centre in Sheffield. It is situated near the Sheffield & Tinsley Canal and the Trans Pennine Trail, so it is very easy to access by bicycle, as you have a choice of road, trail or canal path.

Photo of Meadowhall's cycle lockers.

Fortunately Meadowhall is one place that provides cycle lockers. Unfortunately, there are only six. For the whole place. When I go to Meadowhall, I normally manage to get a locker, but as can be seen in the photo above, on this occasion, I took the last one. Normally at least a few are in use, so this is a very popular facility.

Its good that they provide lockers, even if they are a bit flimsy and there aren't many. So why is this in the Crap Customer Service section of this website?

The Correspondence

Given Meadowhall's location and their commitment to the environment, I thought they might have tried to improve/expand this facility. So I wrote to their management in February 2015 to explain how useful they are and to ask if they had any plans to get more lockers. I reckon it would be in their interests to do so.

I was pleased to receive a prompt response from them saying that they are pleased that they are getting so much use. Their letter said that they are getting new lockers and facilities 'early next year'. I was excited to read this.

This was in early 2015, so early next year would mean early 2016. It is now early 2017 and no improvements have been made. The same six lockers are still there, with the same worn out bolts.

Will they ever get round to making improvements?

Here is my letter and their response.