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Sheffield Freedom Protest

Coronavirus: Exemptions from wearing 'face coverings'

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Sheffield Freedom Protest - Saturday 5th September 2020

This Saturday I visited Sheffield city centre to take part in a protest against the reduction in freedoms since the coronavirus pandemic. There were over 200 people in attendance, and it was mostly very peaceful, with a variety of speakers.


Piers Corbyn - Speech and Arrest

Dr Mohammad Adil - Consultant General Surgeon

Police Brutality

This is not just assault, this is M&S assault

Speakers included Piers Corbyn and Dr Mohammad Adil. Mr Corbyn, who is something of a conspiracy theorist, did speak some sense about how we have all been misled by the lockdown. The police tried to arrest him several times during the event, but were initially unsuccessful, as he had not committed an offence.

There was a testimonial from an anonymous NHS nurse, who complains about the empty hospitals, lack of treatment, forced masks etc.

There was a speech by an anti-5G campaigner. He was talking complete garbage. He clearly isn't an electronic engineer and, despite speaking very passionately, didn't know what he was on about. There was also a speech by Gareth Icke, and some musical entertainment by a bloke called Jimmy. Quite a few policemen were in the area, all wearing silly masks which they kept touching and taking off.

The day concluded with a peaceful march through the city centre, which unfortunately resulted in police brutality, several arrests, and a gentleman who became injured and had to be taken away in an ambulance.

This was an important day for freedom. We still have mandatory masks which do not work. We are still having local lockdowns affecting people's jobs and businesses. Shops are still scared of letting you go to the toilet, or standing a few inches too close to member of staff. Covid-19 cases are going up, but deaths are down to virtually none (less than 10 per day or thereabouts) and few, if any people are ill with Covid-19 in hospitals. People's right to protest has recently been restricted. South Yorkshire police, who are already a laughing stock due to their enforcement of the lockdown restrictions, have now shown that they are happy to be violent towards peaceful protesters.

Piers Corbyn - Speech and Arrest

Mr Corbyn attended a similar protest last week in London, where there were over thirty thousand people in attendance. The police suspected him as being the 'organiser', and as such, fined him £10000 under the new rules on gatherings. He stated that he had liaised with the police beforehand, who had been very supportive, and it was other officers who turned up later to arrest him, suggesting that the decision to arrest him was political.

The police came to speak to Mr Corbyn on his arrival, wanting to see his risk assessment. He assured them that we were safe as the weather was fine. He was accosted by police multiple other times during the afternoon.

"In a choice between tyranny and freedom, WE CHOOSE FREEDOM."

In his speech he complained about "social distancing", compulsory masks, and how the situation has made everyone socially isolated which will lead to a worsening of their health. I totally agree with him on this.

He is against vaccines and 5G which I strongly disagree with.

"Hugs against Covid!"

Mr Corbyn recommended hugging each other to improve your health.

After the speeches, we proceeded to have a peaceful march along Pinstone Street and Fargate. Jimmy played guitar. Some other bloke chanted into the megaphone. Numerous people had placards. Members of the public were told to remove their silly masks.

Mr Corbyn, being a gentleman of a certain age, needed to make a detour into Marks & Spencers to go to the toilet. Numerous protesters followed him in to protect him from the police, who also entered. As everyone got downstairs, the police tried to get to Mr Corbyn, but were unsuccessful again as protesters shielded him. As they moved outside, he continued to be shielded by protesters. Police eventually managed to pull everyone out of the way using excessive force and arrested him. He was in custody for 23 hours. It is not clear what he got arrested for as in my opinion, he had not committed any crime.

Here is the video I took of Piers Corbyn, Gareth Icke, and some other bloke:

Dr Mohammad Adil

Dr Adil is a Consultant General Surgeon who has been suspended by the General Medical Council (GMC)for airing his opinions about the coronavirus. He gave a very good speech, covering how hospitals and clinics have stood empty, denying people the medical care they are entitled to, waiting lists increasing dramatically, people's health declining, etc. He also commented on the GMC's poor procedures - taking him to a tribunal straight away for airing opinions he is entitled to have under the Human Rights Act, as well as the number of doctors who have committed suicide in recent years, possibly as a result of the GMC's interference with their livelihood.

I enjoyed Dr Adil's speech. Unlike other speakers, he did not delve into things which I know to be conspiracy theories. He did not blame the situation on 5G. he did not blame it on Bill Gates. He expresses genuine concern for patients and the general public and their lack of healthcare. His speech is well worth watching. Here is a recording I made which I posted to YouTube.

Direct Link:

Police Brutality

Numerous police officers were present throughout the day and were well-behaved... Until later on, when we had the march down Fargate. In their attempts to get to Piers Corbyn, they assaulted numerous members of the public and caused a massive scene. I was disgusted by their behavior and I hope they get punished for it. Outside, I witnessed police officers not just pushing and shoving, but grabbing hold of people and throwing them out of the way. None of the protesters provoked this and seemed to do everything possible to remain peaceful. Well, as peaceful as you can be when you've just been assaulted.

I later watched some amateur videos which had been posted on YouTube showing more of the violence. These were quite distressing to watch. Here are some stills, and links to the videos/channels.

This gentleman who goes by the name of Earl X was grabbed by a masked constable and thrown across a display in Marks & Spencer.

These still images are from Banaman's video at

This gentleman named Rob was pushed over by a constable. I don't know why, but soon after, he collapsed and needed CPR. An Ambulance arrived to take him to hospital, but the ambulance men wasted valuable time by putting on coronavirus-proof bunny suits. I understand Rob is making a recovery. The screenshot is from the same Banaman video.

Banaman's YouTube channel can be found at

This video by YouTube user Geoffrey Gaines is also well worth a watch. It shows the march starting at the Peace Gardens, and ending in violence at Marks & Spencers:

This is not just assault, this is M&S assault

A gentleman named Darren was pinned to the ground by more than one policeman. The Marks & Spencer security man helps the police by applying force to the gent's legs causing knee pain.

In this video by YouTube user Don't Surrender Your Civil Liberties the M&S man can be seen "helping" the police by pushing on his legs. Link to the video:

Its not clear what he actually did to 'deserve' this. As can be seen in Mr Banaman's video, he was clearly distressed and suffered injury.

In my opinion as an armchair lawyer, Darren should (firstly) report the M&S worker to the police for assault. This will be unlikely to do anything as the police will probably be proud of him for helping. I would then recommend that he sues either the worker, or his employer, for the distress caused. Hopefully this will be doable as there is no excuse for a civilian to assault a helpless man.

Whether he intends to take any form of legal action or not, I do not know. I hope he does.