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LAG 10th Anniversary

Lincs Amiga Group - 10th Anniversary

October 2016 saw the 10th Anniversary of the Lincs Amiga Group (LAG). LAG was formed in 2006 by a few former members of the Scunthorpe Amiga Group (SCAG). To celebrate the 10 years, this months meeting (number 51), would be a larger 'bash' style event, in a larger room, with extra displays, special guests, a raffle, a cake, and more reason for new people to attend.

Approximately 20 people attended, and everyone had an enjoyable day.

This page contains photographs of the day, showing many of the retro and modern machines which people brought.

Click on the photos for a larger version.

LAG Members and Visitors playing with their Amigas

Special Guests

Trevor Dickinson of A-EON visited us, wearing his boing-themed clothes. He's a very enthusiastic guy and was interesting to talk to.

Matthew Leaman of AmigaKit visited with a table of merchandise.


This is the first machine I saw on the day, and has nothing to do with Amigas! This little machine was built by James aka Haemogoblin. It contains a Raspberry Pi with a small LCD screen and a wireless keyboard, in the style of a Commodore SX-64.


Terl befuddled by the Raspberry Pi.


The CD32 playing a game:

Myst FPGA Computer

The Myst can emulate a variety of machines. Here it is emulating an Amiga with a choice of games.

Rockape with his A1200/060

Rockape was trying, unsuccessfully, to access the internet wirelessly on his A1200.

Naz's A1200

An A1200, complete with a nice Philips CM8833 MkII monitor.

A500 Plus Cartoon Classics

An A500+ setup, with a GVP Hard Drive, an A570 CD ROM drive, and Cartoon Classics box/games.

Darren Stevens' Retro Table

Darren brought some interesting non-Amiga gear to show off.

First up, a Memotech MTX512. This is a computer you don't tend to see very often. It is Z80 based, and is built into a very nice, easy to open metal case. Darren reckoned it was launched far too late to be popular. This one had some very well written manuals with it, as well as some software/games on tape. It partially worked at LAG, but unfortunately the keyboard went a bit doolally.

The Hewlett Packard 71B is a handheld computer/calculator. It can be programmed in BASIC.

The rear of the HP 71B. This one was used by the DHSS (Department of Health and Social Security) in the UK, and contains their memory module.

Galaxy Invader game:

Playing a racing game on the projector

eMac running MorphOS

The Apple eMac has a G4 Processor, and is shown here running MorphOS with Odyssey Web Browser.

Demos running on the projector

AmigaOne X5000

The newest AmigaOne computer, the X5000, on display at the A-EON and Amigakit stand.

b00zi playing games on the A1200

Mike Clarke (ex Psygnosis)

Mike (on the right) dropped in to talk to us about his time at Psygnosis. He used Amigas until quite recently.

Vampire upgraded Amiga 600

Apple QuickTake 150

The QuickTake is a mid 1990s digital camera, manufactured by Kodak for Apple. This one belongs to James. It takes low resolution photos (by today's standards), and can transfer them to a Macintosh computer.

AmigaKit goodies

Raffle Prize: Boxed A500 setup

This good condition A500 system, complete with box, and accessories was available to win in the raffle.

It was won by yours truly :).

Rockape drawing the raffle winners

Celebration boing-ball cake

Michael aka Rockape - the group leader

Well done Rockape for organising a fun event :).

More playing with Amigas