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Updated: 9th February 2009

CRT Fan Club
9th February 2009 - Fancy a SHAG?
'the_leander' decided to become a member of the South Yorkshire Amiga User Group and suggested a name which we shouldn't call the group - Sheffield Amiga Group

Snow - We had the biggest snowfall since about 1995, but everywhere closed. Why can't we just cope with it like everyone else does?

1st January 2009 - Updates and Happy New Year
Finally it is the new year. Just got to get my 18th birthday over and done with on the 5th of January (hint hint) then life can be back to normal. Well, until Easter anyway.

I also need to add some content to this site. I intend to write some interesting things soon.

9th November 2008: Why not to offend CRT monitors

[2008-11-09 23:06:11] <@coius> I HATE CRTs :P
[2008-11-09 23:07:32] * steve30 <3 CRTs
[2008-11-09 23:09:51] * Trinitron21 threatens coius with 25000 Volts
[2008-11-09 23:10:02] <@coius> yeah...
[2008-11-09 23:10:07] * @coius backs away
[2008-11-09 23:11:41] <@steve30> CRTs can be much more exciting that LCDs :p
[2008-11-09 23:11:51] * Trinitron21 hugs steve30
[2008-11-09 23:12:04] * steve30 hugs Trinitron21

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